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  • Overview
  • VIP Cams
  • IP Cam Viewer
  • Kitten Camera

Now you are able to arrange for a webcam to be installed in your cat's suite. The webcam allows you to have a "virtual visit" with your cat from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access and a web browser. Imagine the peace of mind you will experience when you can logon any time you want and see what your cat is doing!

Webcams are included in all VIP rooms and can be added to Deluxe and Economy rooms for only $5.00 per day.

Smartphones & Tablets: (Android & iOS) Just click your camera number in the table below. Users who have trouble accessing the cameras may choose to use the optional IP Camera Viewer application. Instructions for downloading and configuring this application are available by selecting the "IP Cam Viewer" tab above.

Desktop/Laptop Web Browsers: Just click your camera number in the table below. When you view a camera for the first time from a PC or Mac, you will be asked to load a plug-in. A growing number of modern browsers no longer support plug-ins. If this happens to you you may need to use your smartphone or tablet to view the camera.

Deluxe & Economy Room Petcams:

For VIP Suite Cameras select the "VIP Cams" tab above.

Camera 1 (no ID or Password needed)

Camera 2 (no ID or Password needed)

Camera 3 (no ID or Password needed)

Camera 4 (no ID or Password needed)

Camera 5 (no ID or Password needed)

Camera 6 (no ID or Password needed)

Camera 7 Logon ID = guest, no password

Camera 11 Logon ID = guest, no password

Camera 12 Logon ID = guest, no password

Kitten Cam 1 (no ID or Password needed)

Parking Lot/Weather Logon ID = guest, password = guest1

All VIP Suites come equiped with high definition night vision PetCams included. Unlike our standard PetCams, these cameras are high definition and use H.264 compression for smoother video and smaller files.

PC & Mac Browsers: Unfortunately newer models of our petcams have focused on smartphone and tablet support. The links for accessing the cameras are given in the table below. Chances are they will not work in your browser or will ask you to download a plug-in that will not install in your browser. If you want give it a try, but we strongly recommend using smartphones or tablets to view the cameras.

Smartphones & Tablets (iOS & Android). We recommend using the free app IP Camera Viewer Lite for viewing the VIP webcams. We encourage you to bring your smartphone/tablet with you when you drop off and we will be happy to download and configure the app for you. Instructions for downloading and configuring this application are available by selecting the "IP Cam Viewer" tab above.

Note: Logon ID = guest (leave password blank)

Room Make Model Host/IP HTTP Port

Logon ID
(leave P/W blank


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 193 guest


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 194 guest


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 195 guest


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 196 guest


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 9002 guest


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 198 guest


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 199 guest


Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 204 guest

VIP 10

Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 200 guest

VIP 12

Foscam R2-1 catlodge.viewnetcam.com 9001



VIP 22

Foscam F19826W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 189 guest

VIP 24

Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 202 guest

VIP 29

Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 192 guest

VIP 32

Foscam F19831W catlodge.viewnetcam.com 203 guest

IP Camera Viewer is FREE software that is available for both android devices and Apple devices. Once installed you will need to configure the software by entering your camera's Make/Model, Host/IP address, Port #, and Logon ID. Detailed instruction are given below. These screenshots are from an android device - the iOS screens are nearly identical.

Step 1: Download & Install IP Camera Viewer using a link below

Apple iPhone/iPad or Android

Step 2: Configure IP Camera Viewer to access your camera

Launch the IP Camera Viewer application

Instructions for the next screen are below the image.

For VIP Suite Cameras;

  • Name = Anything you like. We suggest the Room # (e.g. VIP5)
  • Make = Foscam
  • Model = F19831W except VIP Rm 22 is F19826W & VIP 12 is R2-1
  • Host/IP = catlodge.viewnetcam.com
  • HTTP Port = see table below
  • User = guest
  • Password is left blank, except VIP 12 PW is guest1
Room # Port #
VIP 1 193
VIP 2 194
VIP 3 195
VIP 4 196
VIP 5 9002
VIP 7 198
VIP 8 199
VIP 9 204
VIP 10 200
VIP 12 9001
VIP 22 189
VIP 25 202
VIP 29 192
VIP 32 203


For All Other Cameras; (email or phone us for camera #)

  • Name = Anyhing you like. We suggest the Camera # (e.g. Cam 1)
  • Make = Foscam or Panasonic (see table below)
  • Model = See table below
  • Host/IP = catlodge.viewnetcam.com
  • HTTP Port = see table below
  • User = guest
Camera # Make Model Port
1 Panasonic BL-C111 80
2 Panasonic


3 Panasonic BL-C230 82
4 Panasonic BL-C230 83
5 Panasonic BL-C230 84
6 Foscam F18910W 85
7 Foscam F18918W 86
8 Foscam F18910W 187
9 Foscam F18906W 188
11 Foscam F18910W 190
12 Foscam F18910W 191

You are now able to view the live camera feed

We work with the Evergreen Animal Protection League (EAPL) and coordinate Kitten Adoptions. When a camera is not reserved in one of our boarding suites, we keep the camera in our Kitten Room. The kittens you see are available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a kitten please visit the EAPL website and fill out an adoption application. Not all of our kittens are kept in the Kitten Room. Many are in foster homes. The EAPL website has pictures of all of the kittens that are available for adoption.

You may be asked permission to install & run an ActiveX control (this is the software that allows viewing the camera).

Kitten Camera is Currently Available