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Many clients ask our advice regarding cat toys, grooming products and other supplies. In response we have added a retail boutique to the cat lodge where we carry what we consider to be some of the best cat-related products. In keeping with our desire to offer superior value to our clients, you will fnd our pricing generally meets or beats that of Petsmart and other pet retailers. We encourage you to take a few minutes when you drop off or pick up your cats to browse our retail products and discuss which may best appeal to your cat. We will be happy to add your purchase to your boarding invoice and you may pay when you pick up your cat.

cat in boarding suite

Please follow the links below to see a sampling of the products available in our retail boutique.

Our favorite toys


Mystery Motion

Frolicat Dart

Frolicat Pounce

Best Pet Hair Removers


Fur Fighter by 3M

Best Litter Box Training Aid

Cat Attract